The Kim Kardashian African

May 3, 2017

There are now in African cities, a syndrome that wants development and civilization, rhyming to the morphology of the woman or African girl, and that wants the best equipped adipose tissue ladies to the posterior level and tits, be more prominent.

There are now in African cities, a syndrome that wants development and civilization, rhyming to the morphology of the woman or African girl, and that wants the best equipped adipose tissue ladies to the posterior level and tits, be more prominent.

The phenomenon is not new. Since 18e century, the famous South African slave Saartjie Baartman (dubbed the Hottentot Venus) with the most fat rear has also been the object of curiosity in the West. Similarly to the image of the famous Kim Kardashian, who managed improbably as it could seem a priori, finding a fashionable way, through a reality show in which she and her steatopygous body have the secret.

Having a form to "Kim" or "Nicki" not just the responsibility of African natural : "It wants". This is the key word Awa, Senegalese. Quarantine, the ironically but professing to anyone who will listen twelve husband of research theories, "Carve a form of dream reports from the woman's duty. "More than a priesthood, for the woman who has everything to outdo the Hottentot Venus, there is no question of a "fashion history. »

Nicki form : that those who do not want to raise their hands !

2001. The Ivorian singer famous Meiway released his album Lord and sang "Miss Lolo". A song that sounded in the sub-region : success for his words surveyed on a theme no less unifying : praise at roundness. The Miss Lolo Meiway, is Nastou Traore, actress of the theater troupe of Abidjan The Puppets, renowned for the abundant amount of her breasts. Since, and thanks to it, Hundreds of Africans have assumed the well-stocked shape of their breasts. "I was very flattered to be chosen for the clip. The title has been very successful, and I became something of an icon for women with big breasts', had explained the applicant, which states have been complexed in his youth, obliged to conceal its forms under extensive camisoles.

Today, necklines no longer fear him. Its plastic has been emulated. Fact, they are growing, in Africa, to assert the roundness. Easy to be convinced : just count the number of competitions celebrating "the canons of true African beauty" which now flourish on the continent. This is the example of Miss Diongoma, launched in Senegal 1992, resolutely defending women wrapped. Recently, the Poog-Beêdré contest ("Corpulent woman" in Moore) was established in Burkina Faso by the Ministry of Promotion of Women. In Benin, the first edition of Queen Hanan took place 13 December 2003 Abomey.

Even miracles ointments to become a Kardashian

There are ways to become a moult Kardashian. Drugs "broadening" sold more professional packaging - mostly from English-speaking countries, notably Nigeria - are also available. "I have a friend of a friend who took a suppository to fatten her buttocks", assure Charlotte, early thirties. This practice would have appeared in DR Congo. Women 'think as it is bold, it will make them the volume ", says the young Ivorian. Other technical enlargement, Maggi bouillon cube, ubiquitous in African cuisine, would be diverted from its food use.

Others also are turning to "big-butt". Appeared five years ago, those glutes supplements are selling like hotcakes, at 9 000 CFA in the streets, especially in Dakar. "Before, we did not have this kind of items. It was a secret women, to go dancing, is sewed several loincloths "to inflate their behind, tells a saleswoman. The dissatisfied with their thighs also are offered padding magnifying upper legs, called "guns", the trader who continues, to explain this term, mimes the gesture of a cowboy, arms along the body and arranging his revolvers.

Finally, and for the silver, remains the scalpel solution, which passes through an operation. So many women willing to pay about 2 million CFA francs to be injected in the buttocks their own fat, taken in their belly or arms. A plastic preferring anonymity met in Dakar says having seen "hundreds of patients' West Africa, including Ivorian. He also cites the case of Malian came the visit from Timbuktu at the first opportunity, as soon as the fighting stopped in their country. As many tricks whose purpose is always the same : Kim Kardashian become the African. And while there will couple and marriage life, all the means are good. Even if we tend towards obesity, the consequences have few. A priori.

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